Jaypee Open Juniors – A Pleasant Surprise !!

The much awaited Junior Championship concluded on September 20th, 2009.  Jaypee Open Juniors Squash Rackets Championship, the brain child of the Jaypee Greens – was launched officially into the Domestic Junior Squash Calander as an event that the organisers, State & District Associations feel everyone will soon look forward to.

The event that was conducted under the aegis of Uttar Pradesh Squash Rackets Association and with  support of Dr. N. K. Pandey who desite his busy schedule visitied Noida & Greater Noida to oversee the facilities and organisation of the championships, on the eve of the championship.

The event was a joint initiative of Jaypee Greens and the DGBNSRA and it was planned and executed to great degree of perfection. 

  • Besides promising 2 matches per category to all players the championship served as a ready platform for players to test their skills before the Junior Nationals in October.
  • The District Association in particular did not simply restrict itself to inviting entries and the conduct of the event – it went ahead and also looked into smaller details like boarding of players belonging to different economic backgrounds. Air-conditioned rooms that had attached bathrooms were made available @ Rs. 300/ – per head to Rs. 1000/- per head. Close to 70 outstation players enjoyed this facillity – which included players from:
    • 08 players from Hamdard Public School
    • 20 players + 2 officials from Daly College Indore
    • 20 players + 1 official from Mayo College Ajmer
    • 10 players + 1 official from Sherwood School Nanital
    • There were local kids from Amity International, Lotus Valley – Noida and DPS – Greater Noida in the event as well.
    • Besides host of parents who had come to see their children play including one family from Allahabad.


  • On the  suggestion of the District Association – the Jaypee Group pitched in with transportation of players from the nearest railway head to the place of stay and back. This facility was extended gratis by Jaypee Greens.

  • The Jaypee Group also extended catering to 70 odd  outstation players & officials at the Employee their Dining Facility – Annapoorna  with provisions for subsidised break-fast, lunch and dinner being extended to all.
  • Mr. Amrit Mann a resident of Noida came forward to provide luxury coaches to the DGBNSRA. This offer allowed the organisers to facilitate a “Night Out” for outstation player. Many outstation players took the offer which was Gratis and thoroughly enjoyed the Luxury Ride

At the Jaypee Sports Club it was a different story all together. Some of the images below will give you a feel where the championship was conducted and how even being there would have definately benefited most youngsters who participated. Those who could not make it this year will have to wait for one whole year for the next edition of Jaypee Open Junior as the event will not be scheduled in 2010.





On Day 1- September 18th, 2009 the action started with the regular excitement. Despite the draws being put on the tournament notice board and on the web – everyone wanted to confirm when will their turn come to get inside the court.  


Photo of the Championship

The spirit in which the whole championship was played was outstanding and reflects in the photo above. The Tournament Convenor – while welcoming participants requested that contest take place  inside the courts and that effort be made by one & all to make friendships.  He even stressed that players make friends with respective opponents and others who were there – because while the game is about intense competition – it is about building a bigger fraternity. The above photo shows two players walking out of the court after a tough contest.

Some 200 plus matches got played on day one. While  on day two – 3rd round, pre-quarter and quarter finals resulted in a total of  125 matches getting played. The last day saw semi finals played in the morning and finals in the evening – in all 35 matches were contested. To check out how the players moved in their age groups and who reached where- pls click and download FINAL RESULTS ………. http://www.box.net/shared/fqmiqgpxqo

Below is a slide-show on some of the action across three days from 360 PLUS matches. Please note the intensity with which these juniors played their games.

The contest was about taking back some of these….



 A close up..

In an anothter first the organisers decided to award the certificate together with the t-shirt to each of the participant. This did result in the closing ceremony lasting more than expected but ensured that it was not the winner and runner-up who stole the lime-light as always the others who played also had their share of attention as well.

Prince the equippment manufacturer came forward and announced give aways (racket back packs) to semi-finalists and gift vouchers for others. This along with the medals that the DGBNSRA had arranged took care off plate event finalists and others….

In all it was a rather elaborate awards program with medals, trophies, gifts, certificates and t-shirts ensuring that everyone who was present there found a place in the tournament photo-shoot and made it to the archive of the first edition of Jaypee Juniors.  

The District Gautam Buddh Squash Rackets Association took  the opportunity to thank Jaypee Greens on behalf of the District body for supporting the cause of Squash. The DGBNSRA presented momentoes to key people who were associated with the event. The below slide shows what happened during the awards ceremony at Jaypee Open Juniors Squash Rackets Championship – 2009:

The CAMERA caught some special visits and moods from the side-line.  The following slide show – is about what else happend on the side lines of the three day championship…

 See You All next year !!



Jaypee Open Draws & Schedule

Dear Players,

The District Gautam Buddh Nagar Squash Rackets Association is pleased to announce the draws of the Jaypee Open Junior Squash Championship – 2009. 

Before you start reading the draws a request is hereby made to all concerned to cooperate and make the effort successful for not just the main sponsors and organisers Jaypee Greens but also the people in the District Association.

We must not forget that we are here to play SQUASH and should ensure that we play fair and not allow other things to change that. So boys and girls take a pledge that irrespective of the outcome of your matches you are here first and foremost to play and enjoy a good Game of Squash.

Also remember to make friends with those who have travelled from other places and exchange phone numbers and addresses because life is also about making friends and getting to know people. Local kids do not loose this opportunity there are close to 80 who have travelled from outside the NCR and those from outstation you will have equally the same number of people who play a common sport and will be worthy of your  friendship.

Some of the FUN ACTIVITIES organised by the DGBNSRA are as under:

  • NIGHT OUT on Saturday
  • Entertainment Show – where each one of you will be given the opportunity to perform individually or as a team. You may;
    • sing a song,
    • act, or
    • do anything as long as you make others laugh and cheer.
  • Prizes will be given those who score the highest on our CHEER-O-METER 
  • Finally we are also trying to see if we are able to finalize a visit to a Ice-Cream Factory. Won’t that be YUMMY !!

Please checkout the draws by clicking on the folloiwng link below………………. http://wp.me/paY4S-x7

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