Report on Daly College Junior Nationals with Results

The Sub Junior and Junior Nationals 2009 were hosted and contested at the Daly College Indore (Estd. 1882)

The School which even houses a Business School was built by Sir Henry Daly is built on 118 acres.  The school is built on the land donated by then rulers of Indore Holkars.

The campus used to be outside the hustle and bustle of the citylife  even as early as 15 years ago when the author last visited it,  today finds the Indore City’s development engulfing it. Despite all this the institution has been able to maintain its place as a respected Indian Educational Institution both within the country and abroad.

The championship saw a few upsets but the final result was not very different from the seedings that were given in the intial draw. Some noticable performances witnessed are highlighted below:

Boy’s Under – 19 : Ramit Tandon upset second seed Ravi Dixit in a five stter to stage a final show-down with Aditya Jagtap of Maharashtra which he lost. Final Standings in U-19 Boys were:-

  1. Aditya Jagtap (Maharashtra)
  2. Ramit Tandon (Tamil Naidu)
  3. Ravi Dixit (Tamil Naidu)
  4. Karan Malik (Tamil Naidu)
  5. Karm Kumar (New Delhi)
  6. Sami Johnson (Maharashtra)
  7. Akshay Deepak (Tamil Naidu)
  8. Adita Zaveri (Maharashtra)

Boy’s Under – 17 : Saw Abhishek Pradhan overcoming the top seed and favourite Mahesh Mangoankar to finish as No. 1 in this category.  The small Abhishek has come a long way since the author saw him at the Senior Nationals last year where he played India No. 2 Ritwik Bhattacharya.  The other standing in this category were as under: 

  1. Abhishek Pradhan (Tamil Naidu)
  2. Mahesh Mangaonkar (Maharashtra)
  3. Vrishab Kotian (Tamil Naidu)
  4. Vivek Dinodia (West Bengal)
  5. Aakash Borwankar (Maharashtra)
  6. Dhananjay Singh (Madhya Pradesh)
  7. Siddharth Nahar (Madhya Pradesh)
  8. Toshar Kothari (Rajasthan)

Boys Under – 15 : This category saw Deepak Mishra cause what according to the author was perhaps one of the biggest upsets in the tournament. Seeded Second behind Kush Kumar, Deepak spoke with the author on the eve of  final matche and was given a simple piece of advise that he used to great effect.

Over powering the more flamboyant Kush Kumar would never have been made look so easy as was executed by Deepak on the last day of the championship. Deepak started from the word go maintaining pressure and taking the first two games 11-4 and 11-6 before briefly loosing his momentum and loosing the third 8-11 before pulling up his socks and getting the better in the fourth 11-8. 

The final standings in Under – 15 Boys were as under:

  1. Deepak Mishra (Tamil Naidu)
  2. Kush Kumar (Tamil Naidu)
  3. Manik Dutta (Madhya Pradesh)
  4. Rishi Tandon (Tamil Naidu)
  5. Divij Singh (Delhi)
  6. Vijay Kumar (Rajasthan)
  7. Raghav Mehrotra (Maharashtra)
  8. Anuj Bahel (Maharashtra)

Boys Under – 13 : Roshan Kumarakannan from Tamil Naidu powered his way to winning the Under 13 Boys with ease. Though Roshan was tested in the Semi Finals by Maharashtras Yohan Pandloe he proved to be a better player winning despite being down 5 -10 in the fifth and deciding game with Yohan. Standings in Under – 13 were as under:

  1. Roshan Kumarakannan (Tamil Naidu)
  2. Sandeep Ramachandran (Tamil Naidu)
  3. Yohan Pandole (Maharashtra)
  4. Kunj Rawani (Maharashtra)
  5. Junaid Muzzafar (Delhi)
  6. Ranjit Singh ( Uttar Pradesh)
  7. Aditya Khatri (Mahrashtra)
  8. Siddharth Singh (Rajasthan)

Boys Under – 11 : Final standings in Under – 11 Boys was as under:

  1. Solomon Ravi (Tamil Naidu)
  2. R. A. Chalayselvan (Tamil Naidu)
  3. Dev Vizrani (Maharashtra)
  4. Aryaman Adik (Maharashtra)
  5. Yash Bhargava (Delhi)
  6. Chaitanya Shah (Maharashtra)
  7. Aditya Raghvan (Tamil Naidu)
  8. Param Maru (Maharashtra)

Girls Under – 19 : Dipika collected what would be her last Under – 19 title – the other standings were as under : 

  1. Dipika Palikal (Tamil Naidu)
  2. V Anvesha Reddy (Tamil Naidu)
  3. Dheeya Somaiya (Madhya Pradesh)
  4. Tanvi Jain (Madhya Pradesh)
  5. Komal Sharma (Tamil Naidu)
  6. Tulika Lal (Delhi)
  7. Anissa Malhotra (Mahrashtra)
  8. Urvashi SIngh (Rajasthan)

Girls Under – 17 : Sumya Khakri from Maharashtra caused an upsets of sorts when she defeated top seed Anaka Alankamony 6-11, 4-11, 11-6, 11-5,  11-6. The other standings were as follows: 

  1. Sumya Khakri (Maharashtra)
  2. Anaka Alankamony (Tamil Naidu)
  3. Aprajitha Balamukan (Tamil Naidu)
  4. Ankita Sharma (Maharashtra)
  5. Sachika Ingle (Delhi)
  6. Shria Khatri (Maharashtra)
  7. Diya Kumar (Delhi)
  8. Shruti Duggar (Tamil Naidu)

Girls Under – 15 : Local girl, Anandita Gupta from Daly College caused a small upset defeating Likhita Duggar from Tamil Naidu. Then Lakshya Raghvendra of Tamil Naidu caused another upset in this category defeating Second Seed from Delhi Pankhuri Malhotra. Two games down 11-13 & 9-11 Lakshaya came back strongly to take the next three games quiet easily 11-2, 11-7 and 11-3.  Other standings were: 

  1. Urvashi Joshi (Maharashtra)
  2. Lakshaya Raghvendra (Tamil Naidu)
  3. Pankuri Malhotra (Delhi)
  4. Anandita Gupta (Madhya Pradesh)
  5. Ashwarya Kulkarni (Maharashtra)
  6. Varsha Pandey (Maharashtra)
  7. Disha Thahryamal (Rajasthan)
  8. Heba Johnson (Rajasthan)

Girls Under – 13 : Perhaps the biggest upset was caused by Harshit Kaur when she stunnded Adya Advani in the finals. Harshit who started her squash only a year ago has come a long way. Harshit had beaten Adya recently at the Jaypee Open Juniors in Noida and only to prove that it was no fluke she carried her form into the Nationals.

Adya who has a much superior game skills could be seen under pressure and it was actually Harshit ability to take pressure better that has got her to perform brilliantly in two back to back tournamnets.  The final standings in this category were as under : 

  1. Harshit Kaur (Delhi)
  2. Adya Advani (Delhi)
  3. Aishwarya Nambiar (Maharashtra)
  4. Juhi Kalugdar (Mahrashtra)
  5. Ashwaryia Bhattacharya (Maharashtra)
  6. Gayatri Raheja (Maharashtra)
  7. Rayna Kishchandani (Maharashtra)
  8. Birva Godharsa (Gujrat)

Girls Under – 11 : Standings in this category were as under : 

  1. Nikita Joshi (Maharashtra)
  2. Daksha Pathak (Madhya Pradesh)
  3. Neharika Balamurkan (Tamil Naidu)
  4. Shamika Reddy (Tamil Naidu)
  5. Ashika Bengra (Tamil Naidu)
  6. Vedika Arun (Tamil Naidu)
  7. Subha Sehgal (Delhi)
  8. Shriya Ladiwala (Maharashtra)



The above schedule obviouly was hectic and Indore Roads made sure that there was’nt much left. Typically the commercial capital of the state would have better infrastructure than what most encountered. Anyway, we were told it was more due to the black soil expanding during the rains and contracting after and not the quality of construction – people of the city were now hoping that the Indian Institute of Technology which will be going to get operational shortly will contribute to the research.

I am sure some parents who visited Indore did manage sometime to move around in and outside the city and explore some history.  For those who were unable to do so here are some glimpses from what you could have seen:

attractionsThe Lal Bagh Palace was the palace built by the earstwhile rulers of Indore.  Famous for its granite and marble work this beautiful structure some distance from the championship venue was built using European style architecture.  It was sad to see that most upholstery and carpets were in very bad-shape. If someone from the MP tourism department does get to read this report – they can call for conservationists who can actually help restore the old glory and  give the Holkar Heritage a new lease of life. We understand the current Prince whio is half  English does not stay in Indore.

mahakaleshwar-templeBeyond the city are two extremely famous Hind Temples. They pay tribute to Lord Shiva and Indore has the first and the last of the twelve listed Joytirlinga’s in the country. The first is at Mahakaleshwar in Ujjain 75 minutes drive out of Indore.  Lord Mahakaleshwar (Shiva) is the ruler of Ujjain as since Vikramditya the Great who built the temple there has been no ruler in Ujjain. Kings from other states are said to have visited the temple during the day and return immediately without staying back out of fear for their lives. Since Vikramaditya the Great no other King has survived in Ujjain. Therefore Mahakaleshwar is The Official Ruler Designate.


Indian Junior Nationals 2009 Draws & Schedule

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Poll Results

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