Sardar of Indian Squash

Sardar (Persian: سردار, pronounced [sɐrdaːr]) is a title of Persian origin, used for military or political leaders.

The word’s cognate in Persian, Sardâr, means commander. Literally sar means “head” while dâr means “holder” in Persian. Thus, the term Sardar may also mean a military or political leader, comparable to the English chieftain.

In Pakistan, the leaders of Balochi, Kashmiri, Pashtun, Punjabi, Seraiki, Sindhi tribes and clans have the title Sardar.

In India, Sardar means a Leader. While calling a “Sardar”, often the suffix -ji is added to the word to denote respect, resulting in the word “Sardarji”. This word may convey several meanings, often associated with military authority.

Done with the meaning now let me share what I came across when I was looking for something define the quality of a True Sardar. Watch what a true Sikhs in India qualify as a Sardar…. unfortunately there are no English subtitles and you therefore need to know Punjabi or have someone explain the meaning to you…..

Ladies & Gentlemen – I dont want you to get over involved with the technicalities of the meaning because the person who we are talking about is absolutely simple and down to earth a person true at heart…..

  • Someone who despite his age continues to send jitters the spine of most youngsters.
  • Someone who is a true friend as those who know him will vouch.
  • Someone who never hesitates to speak his mind out but still manages to get his heart involved into anything and everything he does. Dont believe me check this post out on The Marketing of a Doctor…. Marketing of A Doctor
  • I have know him from earlier days when I was in school. Played squash with some 5 years later and have had the privilage of knowing him for literally for over three decades.
  • Someone who would drown two bottels of beer and drive his LAMBRETTA scooter to the courts to – what he termed as sweating it out. Dont want to bore you repeating the joke on the famous Indian Sardar @ NASA helped start the space craft …. quiet literally our man would tilt his LAMBY to the left and one kick he would take off….

Oh no we all did to our chetaks, wespas and yezdi this is something every Indian……LOLZ !!

  • It did’nt matter who won or who lost with him because there was / is always an air of humour when it comes to either watching him play or playing with him.

Friends, I dont know how many of you have realised who I am talking about but since his name is as simple as his game let me remind you that this is a special post we are doing here on S4HU Blogs for non other than our only Sardar of INDIAN Squash – BI Singh.

I had the privilage of watching him once again play some great squash at the recent Commonwealth Test Event and despite his aging self he was stretching a much younger local Jain sibling. 

A couple of days later he returned to take a medal in the doubles event – which is when I decided, not to write about the amazing facility  – instead focus on the never ending exploits of Bharat who incidentally is also a sports medicine specialist.

So true he is to what he does is reflective in his selfless service to what actually is actually is not his first love @ sports. Bharat for all those, for those who dont know him so well – originally an athelete….who if I remember correctly had a Junior National stadning to his name until recently almost 35 – 40 years after he competed.  Track & Field lost a budding star to Squash when not so many years ago he reached the semi-finals of the British Open in the Seniors Category, continues to win the Indian National Masters title for many years now….How one wishes only if BI’s squash had matured some years earlier…he would have been the first Indian in World Top 10.

Only if wishes were horses…… but that has never detered his enthusiasm with the sport – he presently supports the junior game without any desire for official position – a true mark of a Champion….

 Always willing to help be it the sport, medicine his profession or otherwise – he has been there on the phone for any help that he can extend to people be it related to his area of expertise or having people reffered to other specialists elsewhere. I have been party to his helping a common friend from sever medical condition not so long ago. 

People who need to reach him are advised to walk into any squash complex and if they hear someone shouting “Sardar” mostly in disgust of  the errors made on the court – you know you have found your man. The Sardar has been instrumental in helping the medical condition of many.

A handsome Sardar – with a great sense of humour some of his exploits @ AFMC and on the squash  courts – I will leave for another because that is another skill which could almost put Navjot Singh Siddhu to shame.  Check out how BI made it to the COSMOPOLITAN….lolz ….BODY SIGNALS SOS

Ladies & Gentlemen, Boys & Girls I am sure you will have no problem recoganising him in the picture below in anycase no prizes for guessing …. 

 Sat Sri Akal (Punjabi: ਸਤਿ ਸ੍ਰੀ ਅਕਾਲ, sati śrī akāla) is a Sikh greeting (Sat, “truth,” Sri, an honorific, Akal, God). Complete usage is ‘ Sat Sri Akal’. It means roughly, “The GOD is the ultimate truth”.


Pune Open 2010

A Date with Jahangir Khan

Here Jahangir Khan the Former World Number 1 and also the Former President of the World Squash Federation in a candid interview (IN HINDI) only on S4HU Blogs…..

Enjoy Jahangir relate to the senario that exsisted during his time and the one that prevails currently….enjoy.

This video is courtesy  GEOTV of Pakistan…

Happy Squashing !!

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